Dr.SivakumarMultispecialty Hospital is grouped in below order to promote effective use of all the available facilities.
Following are the categorical grouping

  • Administrative services
  • Informational services
  • Therapeutic Services
  • Diagnostic services
  • Support services

Administrative services

Chairman / Directors / Director of Medical Operations / Directors of head operations / Administrations Officers / Department Head & Incharges.

Information services

  • Admission
  • Billing & Collection
  • Medical Records
  • Computer information system
  • Health education.
  • Admin Offices
  • Human Resources

Therapeutic services

Diagnostic Services

  • Determine the causes of illness or injury.
  • Medical Laboratory : Studies body tissue & fluids
  • Medical imaging : Radiology, ultrasound
  • Emergency Medicine : Provides emergency diagnosis treatment.

Provide Support for entire hospital

  • Central supply – orders, receives stock & distributes equipment supplies.
  • Bio-medical technology – design, build repair environment.
  • Housekeeping & Maintenance – Maintain safe, clean environment.

Diagnostic Services: Our Diagnostic services all through the day 24X7 (round the clock) all 365 days


  • The department is equipped with diathermy, ultrasonic, interferential devices to manage orthopaedics, gynaecological, Surgical, and medical conditions.
  • Treatment for injury and deformity by physical exercises / massages and heat treatment through electrical modalities.
  • Provides Rehabilitation to the Post Operative Ortho Patients and the elderly patients those with Arthritis.

Radiology(X-ray/ Ultrasound)

  • The department of Radiology and Imaging is a impact, well equipped department
  • Providing reliable diagnostic imaging services.
  • With well qualified and experienced Radiologists, Radiographers and technicians the diagnosis will be carried out.
  • Both advanced Auto- Process and as well as manual process will be done in the department of X-ray.
  • We have well equipped Modern 4Probe Ultrasound Machine to do any scan of Human body.

Nursing Services

  • Nurses have the responsibility to help patients understand the care they will receive and what the patients must do to cooperate in their care.
  • They have the responsibility to explain to patients what they should and shouldn’t do as they go through treatment and recovery, and they must quickly respond to patients in need.
  • They are a key part of any healthcare team, and the way they perform their Jobs have a real impact on healthcare quality.
  • Our Commitment to Nursing Care and learn about our high standards in Caring for the needs of our patients.
  • Our clinical quality measures are strongly related to good nursing care. In addition, patients know that a good relationship with a caring, knowledgeable and competent nurse can significantly improve the comfort and effectiveness of hospital care.


  • Well built pharmacy with updated medicines available all 24 X 7 (365 days) with moderated cost.
  • Well maintained stock of all drugs.
  • Well qualified and experienced pharmacists are they to take care of patient services.
  • Computerised management of the total stock of drugs.
  • Computerised billing services towards the patient care.

Medical Laboratory

  • Laboratory staffs are well qualified skilled and experienced.
  • Provides routine testing and Emergency/Operating Room support and is responsible for testing blood sugar, cholesterol, cardiac enzymes, liver enzymes, thyroid and kidney function.
  • This section is responsible for the testing of cultures. Common diagnoses from these specimens include urinary tract infections, strep throat and wound infections.
  • The laboratories have most advanced well modern equipped machines. With complete package for clinical trial needs.
  • The accurate computerised reports will despatch to the patient in correct times.

The specialised 24 Hours Services: (24 X 7)

    Doctor in this unit at all the times and surgeon will be there on emergency call.
    Specialized operation theatre to provide immediate services.
    Well complete equipped OPD care unit.
    All sterile kit and bins will be kept ready at all the times.
    Casualty as a primary care of services to the all patient. With Casualty Medical Officer.
    Duty Doctors, Special trained Nursing staff and Technical assistances will be there on round the clock.



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